We are redefining market research

By leveraging the gig economy and providing a marketplace and platform that connects data collectors with data collection tasks.

We Connect Researchers to data Collectors

How it works

Step 1

Clients globally can request data by creating survey tasks,creating surveys, adding locations and sample sizes on the FieldWorkz platform.

Step 2

FieldWorkz receives the request, approves it and pushes notifications to all members of its network who are within the survey area.

Step 3

FieldWorkz data collectors within the EA receive and accept the task. They are trained, tested and proceed to pilot testing and data collection.

Step 4

Clients globally uploaded onto the platform for rigorous QC, review and approval before it is available to the client. Clients’ approval is required for the task to be completed.

Innovative data collection

  • Quicker Insights Cost Effective: FieldWorkz cuts down the cost and time for conducting surveys by half or more!
  • A Network of Trained Experienced Data Collectors: FieldWorkz has a network of vetted, trained, and experienced data collectors that can be tasked with various surveys and data collection activities.
  • Realtime Ground Truths Last Mile Data: FieldWorkz enables critical insights on-the-ground and in rural areas and the last mile.
  • Credible Data Unmatched Quality Control Features: Fieldworkz integrates rigorous quality control mechanisms that ensures credible and reliable data.


FieldWorkz enhances and supercharges CAPI data collection and reduces the time and cost of surveys. The platform includes features such as form logic, offline data collection, and goes beyond traditional CAPI by integrating features such as:


Skilled and Trained Data Collectors

Survey Data Approval & Rejection

Platform-Based Sampling

Rigorous Qc Features

In-App Training, Testing and Payment