Discover the Undiscovered with FIELDWORKZ Solutions

FieldWorkz's solution delivers instant access to ground truths. We work with private and public sector organizations to ensure efficient and quick access to data. We have redefined how surveys and research are done.


Surveys & Data

With FieldWorkz, you can conduct surveys and data collection instantly using our thousands of trained and vetted data collectors across Africa! FieldWorkz allows you to launch a survey quickly and takes the guesswork out of recruiting and managing a field team, quality controls, and paying data collectors. With features such as GPS tracking, geo-fencing, audio and text audits, and surveys approval and rejections, you are certain that your data will be collected with quality and care.


Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning

FieldWorkz allows organizations to efficiently conduct baseline, midline and endline surveys as well as third-party monitoring. Using FieldWorkz’s extensive features and trained and vetted data collectors at the last mile, your data can be instantly collected to track program indicators.


Retail & Consumer Goods

FieldWorkz allows you to conduct retail audits and consumer goods assessments in real-time without the hassle. Want to check how well your brand is doing against others? Want to check if your products are out of stock or how it is placed on the shelf against competitors? FieldWorkz has the reach to collect the critical data you need to make strategic decisions.


Price & Commodity Monitoring

Our platform allows you to capture pricing data in real-time. With FieldWorkz, you can efficiently monitor pricing information across various products and markets. FieldWorkz enables you to get the insights you need to stay competitive.


Innovative data collection

  • Quicker Insights Cost Effective: FieldWorkz cuts down the cost and time for conducting surveys by half or more!
  • A Network of Trained Experienced Data Collectors: FieldWorkz has a network of vetted, trained, and experienced data collectors that can be tasked with various surveys and data collection activities.
  • Realtime Ground Truths Last Mile Data: FieldWorkz enables critical insights on-the-ground and in rural areas and the last mile.
  • Credible Data Unmatched Quality Control Features: Fieldworkz integrates rigorous quality control mechanisms that ensures credible and reliable data.